The Noble Pen for Oct 6, 2011

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Oct 6th, 2011  7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Horror writer Stephen King is about to come out with a 1000 page book  in November that is a time travel story, wherein someone goes back to save John F.  Kennedy from assassination.   There is already a movie deal.

I can imagine “saving JFK” becoming a more popular topic than “killing Hitler”, which has been one of the stereotypical time travel plots.  Something always goes wrong, of course.

“And we’ve killed a dozen Hitlers already! We’re winning!”-Steve Irwin


Kate and a friend drafted the outline for a novel they will co-write.

Dylan has trimmed Flight down from 198 k words to 119 k words, where he felt like he had hit the wall.  He feels this is getting near a publishable size for an author who is not well known in the genre.  The original material may turn into three books.


“Good prose is like a window pane.” – George Orwell

If you haven’t read Crawford Kilian’s Advice on Novel Writing, you really should.   I glazed over at some of the theory of literature, but still found a lot of good advice on a lot of topics in it.

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