Who Are We?

The Noble Pen is a writers group based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Established in 1996 and evolving since, the Noble Pen brings together people who share a common interest in writing. Every week, the group meets in a social setting to discuss our current projects, writing events, the art of writing, and the publishing industry.

What We Do

  • Improving writing through critique
  • Talking about writing related events
  • Examining the art and business of writing
  • Sharing resources
  • Engaging in writing exercises

Who Should Join?

We welcome writers of all genres except poetry, from those who have never written before to professionals. Our aim is the development of the craft in participants at all levels.

Check Us Out

Writers are invited to attend a few meetings to see how we operate.  Also see our Member Guide.  Use the contact form to tell us that you will attend.  If we get word early enough, we can send you the material to read and you can participate in the critiques at the meeting. Otherwise, you can just show up, introduce yourself, and see how we operate.

Check out our Weekly News section for the current and past meeting agendas. And, please use the Contact Us! form to send us any questions you have regarding our group.  Be sure to check your spam or junk folder for replies, as many people find new contacts relegated there.

We have been meeting at 7:00 PM on Thursday evenings at a private residence on 30th St. NE, so long as it is convenient for the residents there. Contact us for the address. This has been much more comfortable than our recent experience in restaurants which tend to be noisy or run out of room for us. We need a location open until 9 pm. Suggestions for other locations are welcomed.