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Lending Library

This space lists reference materials that Noble Pen members are willing to loan to other members.
From Bill H:
Lukeman, Noah, The First Five Pages, a Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile. Fireside Book by Simon & Schuster, 2000.   Review: Good advice on most of the topics that writers need advice about.   I find their format of “problem, solution, examples” to be harder to digest than examples integrated into the other discussion, but the examples are good.

Strunk, William, and E.B. White, The Elements of Style, 3rd Ed. MacMillan Publishing, 1979.  Review: This slim classic covers 56 topics that are basic to any kind of writing.



Noble Pen July 30th Meeting Update

Noble Pen Meeting Update

Updated Agenda for July 30th Meeting:

Due to computer problems, Ciuin’s piece has been removed from the agenda for this evening.  She will reschedule her critique when she has the computer problems resolved.

Instead we will have a roundtable discussion.  Please try to bring some topics (suggestions: tips-n-tricks, recent writing news, things you have learned, etc) for the roundtable.

We will still be critiquing Shannon’s piece this evening.


News Flash: Facebook Group

News Flash!

Noble Pen Now on Facebook!

I’ve created a Noble Pen group on Facebook.  At this time I’ve invited about ten people that were in my profile to join the group, however I may have missed others.  If I missed you, I’m apologize, but would like to invite you to join the group.  If you know any others that might be interested in our little group, please invite them as well.
The plan for the Noble Pen group on Facebook is to provide another syndication point for picking up our newsletters and news items from the website.  I would also encourage our Facebook participants to share the newsletters and announcements via their profiles.

Noble Pen Slogan Contest

Noble Pen Slogan Contest

The Entries

Okay, here are the entries for the Noble Pen Slogan Contest.  We’ll vote on these at Thursday’s meeting.  The winner will be immortalized on the website with their entry displayed prominently on every page!

  • Becky:
    • Playing God for over a decade
    • Come explore the only socially acceptable form of schizophrenia!
    • Ink in our veins, blood on our keyboards
    • Creating Lies for Love and Money
  • Nick:
    • We Put Cedar Rapids in the “Write”
    • We Put the “Write” in Cedar Rapids.
  • Shannon:
    • More fun than Monkey Steals the Peach.
    • Dedicated to Developing Community Writers
  • George:
    • Know your vowels from your novels.
    • Cogito Ergo Grapho
  • Christine:
    • “I dip my pen in the blackest ink, because I’m not afraid of falling into my inkpot.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  • Bill:
    • Writer (n): One who writes.  Have you written today?
    • The write stuff.
    • To boldly go where no pen has gone before.
    • One small step for a pen / One giant leap for our kind.

    The Non-Entries

    Along the way we had a few non-entries. I thought were worth mentioning, but I’m keeping them anonymous to protect the authors:

    • Spinning Yarns and Shagging Dogs
    • Noble Pen: Better than Sex
    • The Penis Mightier

    That’s all for now — I’m off to finish watching “Better Off Ted”.  (It’s the diversity episode.  “Diversity. Good for us.”)

    (Updated: 6/17 @ 8:19am: Added Bill’s entries that I’d mis-placed.)

    News Flash: Twitter

    News Flash!

    Noble Pen Now with Twitter!

    I’ve added two new features to the site:
    1. As you will notice in the posts, there is now a “Share / Save” button.  You can use this to share our posts with your firends on Facebook, Twitter, Redit, and many other social networking sites.
    2. You can receive updates to the site automatically via Twitter.  Just follow us by going to the Noble Pen Twitter Page.

    Peace out!  Hope you enjoy the features.