The Virtually Relocated Noble Pen Newsletter, September 30th, 2010

Noble Pen Meeting

September 30, 2010
The Family Restaurant formerly known as Happy Chef, 1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

Robert: I don’t believe it. It’s Bill.

Mark: Okay, just be cool, don’t stare, you’ll go blind.

Robert: And he’s perusing porno. All right! I gotta go over there and talk to him, man!

Mark: A… wha… wha… no. All over the world, from as far off as the Caspian sea, people have been running up to Bill and acting like idiots. Why must you be one of them?

Robert: Because NOW it’s MY turn! I mean, don’t you want to go over there and talk to him and see what he’s like? I mean William Shatner made us who we are today!

Mark: Do you want to insult the man? Respect his space.

Robert: I do respect his space: it’s the final frontier…

Free Enterprise


We were joined by Kris and Kelly(sp?)

Tyree’s fourth novel, Nyx II, will arrive from the printer about fifteen minutes after he leaves for Mississippi.

Tony’s story The Tunnels of St. Lucy’s may be appearing shortly in a Sams Dot publication. Why is it the pieces which don’t get my advice that always do the best?

Tony also withdrew his piece from Flash Fiction Online and sent it to Science Fiction Daily. I believe the process is much like this.


Nanowrimo is just over a month away. Cut off your friends now.

In an odd turn of events, Harlan Ellison has announced his death. When questioned on why he was going to die, the author responded, “An old dog senses when it’s his time — dogs have that capacity; nobody doubts that. Nobody. But everybody doubts when you say, ‘I’m dying.’ They think you’re being a Victorian actress. They think you’re doing Bernhardt.”


Happy Chef is Dead. Long Live the Chef of Indeterminable Emotion.

For those of you who weren’t around last week, we have good and bad news about the Happy Chef. They will shut their doors Tuesday night, but they will re-open Thursday, in time for our next meeting, with as Scott’s. The upshot of this is as long as we are welcome we will not be moving. There is, however, bad news. With the reorganization, some of the staff are being let go, including Loretta, who even made us treats at the last meeting.


If everyone could bring a pen or pencil (plus one for those who don’t read this) next week, that would be great.

Upcoming Schedule

September 30th
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Keep Writing, Penites.