The Noble Pen for Mar 16, 2023

Next Meeting

We will meet at someone’s home, and the address will be in the distribution email. Use the contact form if you need me to add you to the list.

Discord and Meetups for Noble Pen

The Discord app provides another way for us to discuss. If you want to check it out, ask for an invitation link that will let you join. Also look for Creative Writing on for Cedar Rapids and make us look active there.


Aime wrote and delivered a speech to a large crowd. She got invited to speak at another event. She finished eading a book. She survived an exercise at the meeting, even though Shannon had the starring answers.
Bill has an expert reader for his surveyor story.
Ciuin’s beta reader for PT finished and will give notes soon.
Shannon sent his story to a published author who liked it.


Mar 16

Mar 23
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Mar 30
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Apr 6
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Apr 13
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