The Noble Pen for Apr 14, 2022

Next Meeting

We will meet Thursday 7 pm at Vito’s (see website) on 42nd Street NE not far from Edgewood Rd.

Discord and Meetups for Noble Pen

The Discord app provides another way for us to discuss. If you want to check it out, ask for an invitation link that will let you join. Also look for Creative Writing on for Cedar Rapids and make us look active there.


Ciuin turned in the big essay.
Bill added 500 words to his story and has a beta reader.
Nick finished rereading a classic.
Randy finished reading an 1100 page book.
Aime was invited to speak at a graduation ceremony.

Upcoming Schedule

Apr 14

Apr 21
Open slots

Apr 28
Open slots

May 5
Open slots

May 12
Open slots

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