The Noble Pen for May 20, 2021

Possible In-person meeting May 27

We are planning to have an in-person meeting at a pub’s outdoor tables on that date, if a suitable one can be found to accommodate up to a dozen people, and the weather is suitable. In case of bad weather, or an alarming increase in COVID cases per day, we will just Zoom. The place will be announced when determined, and we will want RSVP to get an estimated count.

On-line meetings

We have gone to on-line meetings while new cases of coronavirus are frequent in the area and people haven’t had a chance to get vaccinated. The meetings work well. To participate, you can use the Zoom app on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer with a microphone. Use of a camera is optional. You can also call in with any phone but it would be long-distance if those rates apply to you.
For further details and the meeting ID number, contact us.
In the meantime, if you want a restaurant or take-out meal, it would be good to patronize our usual host, Scott’s Restaurant.


We are making progress toward returning to in-person meetings.

Upcoming Schedule

May 20
Open slot

May 27 – In person if possible
Open slots

Jun 3
Shannon? (next to last of Merger)
Open slots

Jun 10
Open slots

Jun 17
Open slots

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