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A recent flap brings up the difficult question of how similar something can be to others’ work without being a rip-off.


Randy totaled up his sales at 396 for the first book and 90 already for the second.  He has a five-star review on Amazon for the second book.

Logan’s short story has passed the first reading to possibly go into an anthology.


Word repetition is a common problem for writers.  In the early drafts you are working at getting the story told in any words that come to mind.  As you revise, you need to notice when you are overworking a word and find a way to rephrase, use a pronoun, or find a synonym.  Ben Yagoda has some tips.  The more common words can be repeated more often.

This article discusses finding and replacing these echo words.

Repetition can also be used for desirable effects such as emphasis, rhythm, and mood.  More discussion here.

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