The Noble Pen for Jan 4, 2018

Next Noble Pen Meeting

January 4th, 2018 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


At a recent meeting we discussed having more educational material at meetings. Ciuin will present a short session on January 4th, and Aime on January 18.  Do we want longer educational times?  Let us know your thoughts.


Some publishers are now employing “sensitivity readers” to make sure their books don’t offend anyone.  Some defend it, but it’s a trend that not everyone is happy about, even calling it “thought police.”  Does such scrutiny impede the examination and therefore understanding of differences in our cultures?   While it is a good idea to make sure you get cultural depictions right, some question whether you must remove anything offensive, when that is part of the true background.  Could To Kill a Mockingbird or Huckleberry Finn be published for the first time today?


Most of us survived Christmas, although a few aren’t finished with family gatherings and some people are still unaccounted for.

Ciuin made progress on Chessmaster and has only three chapters to write.


J. A. Konrath has a been blogging with advice for writers and commentary on what’s happening in publishing for a dozen years.  It has been so popular he published the collection as a 1400-page e-book.

Upcoming Schedule

January 4
Ciuin: 10-minute educational
Stacy H.

January 11

January 18
Aime: 10-minute educational
Stacie S.

January 25
Open slot

February 1
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