The Noble Pen for Nov 16, 2017

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Nov 16th, 2017 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

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Science Fiction News has issued their autumn (northern hemisphere) edition.  They list a number of recent author deaths.  Prominent among them is Brian Aldiss, author of over 80 books and 300 short stories published from 1942 to 2013.


Stacie S. and Laura tried a “write night” at Ramsey’s, interacting with other writers, drinking wine, and generating some words.

Ciuin pushed through writer’s block and wrote on a difficult scene for Chessmaster.

Jeremiah finished an on-line writing course.


Jeremiah recommends a free college course, a series of 14 hours of lectures by Brandon Sanderson on writing.  Here’s the first one.  He says says “I found the series to be useful to my writing process. Brandon is an engaging speaker and a brilliant writer.”


A rhetorical question is one that doesn’t need an answer or the writer doesn’t expect the reader to answer. They should not be used frequently in most writing.

Agents prefer you to avoid them in queries. The agent wants you to tell them about your story, not leave them guessing.  Give them a bunch questions, and they are likely to say, “No,” and hit delete.  Similar advice here. “Will the hero find and defeat the villain in time to save the damsel?”  It would be better to state the hero’s problem, “The hero must find the villain and defeat her in time to rescue the damsel.”

They might be more acceptable in moderation for a blurb, but even there, go lightly.  The topic is a bit controversial.

“What if there were no rhetorical questions?” ~originator unknown.

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