The Noble Pen for May 11, 2017

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May 11th, 2017 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

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An author may not like all of the reviews, but should never resort to threats of black magic against the reviewer.   In the Goodreads thread, the author provided a reviewer a free copy in exchange for a review.  It took a while for the review to get posted, which caused some friction, and then the review was quite negative.  The author responded that he had contacted someone to cast bad magic on the reviewer if he did not retract the review.


Ciuin got an A on a school paper.

Clay submitted for his first review.


The ending of a story is the payoff, and the reader wants the payoff to be worth having read it all.  Larry Brooks talks about structuring the story for a killer ending.  Vicki Hinze discusses how to wrap it up.  Here’s Laura Miller’s take on what makes a great ending.  Here’s list of nine tips for an effective ending (hit escape to bypass the ad).

It’s important to get it right.  Hemingway wrote 39 endings to Farewell to Arms before deciding he had it right.

Nobody reads a (novel) to get to the middle.  They read it to get to the end.  If it’s a let down, they won’t buy anymore.  The first page sells that book.. The last page sells your next book. ~ Mickey Spillane

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