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The summer (northern hemisphere) edition of Science Fiction News is available.


Dylan’s essay defending self publishing was included in a collective post rebutting a blog entry.


A writer can stall, even when it isn’t writer’s block.  They can write, but just find it more difficult to put in the effort.  By now, the excitement of a new idea has worn thin and the problems of getting the details right seem huge.

One thing that may help is to review (or create) your outline to see if it still makes sense with what you’ve written and where you want the story to go.  If they don’t match up, then decide whether the written material or the outline make more sense and revise accordingly.

You may discover your characters don’t have the motivations to do what you thought they would do.  Or maybe the tension has evaporated.

Chuck Wendig has 25 tips that might get you unstuck.  Here’s Janice Hardy’s take.  Tracey Barnes Priestley has some advice.

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