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Cassie’s ebook is live on Amazon, B&N, etc. and she has 10 good reviews on Goodreads.

Dylan got a new commission.  He is working on covers for his books.

Ciuin was asked to write a fan fiction story.


Writers need to research their stories in many ways.  Of course, a specific information on medical, historical, scientific, or political topics might be required.  But all stories need settings, people, and situations that are easily envisioned by the reader.   A writer can be alert as they go through their day to notice details of the workplace, restaurant, traffic, customers, and bits of overheard conversations and think of how they would describe those in a story.

Chuck Sambuchino has says you need to experience as much as practical of what you are writing, and research the rest so you get the right sensory details and the right terminology.  If your character sleeps on the ground, it might be a good idea to try taking a nap in the back yard to feel what it would be like.  If you can’t visit the location, find pictures of it and visit a place that reminds you of it.  Tyree said he keeps a set of the Time-Life books on places in the world for this purpose.

The terminology is important, too.  Try to find words that the locals would use.  If it is an imaginary place, give the characters a few unique words that the reader can learn from context.

There’s more than Google out there. Here’s a collection of links that may help in research.  And another.   Still another.

Of course, research can be overdone.  Joseph Finder blogs about keeping research in perspective.

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