The Noble Pen for Dec 2015, Holiday Edition

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Jan 7th, 2016 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

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With two holidays coming up, we won’t meet again until January 7th.  Best wishes to all.


A while back we heard that Tyree was (involuntarily) doing research for a medical novel.  He reports that two surgeries to implant and correct an automatic atrial defibrillator didn’t seem to help right away, but now he is feeling more energetic and capable.  He also managed to move to a different residence during that time.  Despite all this he has some literary victories.  He sends his regards and hopes to drop in again sometime.


Dylan finished a commission.  Surprisingly, it was within the target word count.

Charlie got his submission for review out despite some obstacles.

Tyree sold a short story in October and a poem in November.  Nomadic Delirium published a collection of his short stories.  The Yoelin story we reviewed is being considered by a publisher.  Despite originally liking the apocalyptic story we reviewed, a larger publisher has taken no action on it, so he is moving it to a different publication route.


How do you know if your story is finished?  Well, actually, nothing is ever as nearly perfect as it could be, but when you think it’s close you need to stop and examine it dispassionately.  Chris Robley offers a checklist to help you decide if it is good enough.  And here’s another list.  Stephanie Gayle talks about what her novel needed after she thought it was finished.

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