The Noble Pen for Sept 3, 2015

Next Noble Pen Meeting

Sept 3rd, 2015 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Attendance has hit both highs and lows recently. We need your participation when you can make it.


The Hugo Awards for sci-fi have been given for 2015, and the “Sad Puppies” probably had some effect but none of their slate of candidates won. They appear to have succeeded in heading off several nominations from making the finalist lists. This group was protesting what they saw as a trend to equalize women and minority awards regardless of the quality of the works. The arguments caused a record turnout of member voters.


Terry Pratchett’s last novel is out posthumously.


Cassie wrote 2200 words, updated her web site, and started a mailing list and subscribe link on the site.  She put a picture relating to her story in progress out on Twitter and got interest.

Dylan has more than 200 followers on Twitter.  He made progress on a commission, which like most is going to run longer than planned.

Tyree wrote his first paranormal romance story.  It is 4800 words and he did it in one sitting.


Some mistakes make the writer look like a rookie,  so you should try especially hard to avoid them.  Chuck Wendig lists several common problems.  (Just read past his crude language, which some may find to be less effective than straight talk.)  He says you shouldn’t overdo the details that don’t add much to the characterizations or plot.  You should get the story moving on page 1, and get the reader involved with the characters’ problems right away.  Above all, you need clarity to avoid confusing the reader.

Here’s another list of mistakes to avoid and still another.

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