The Noble Pen for June 25, 2015

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June 25th, 2015 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Remember the old World Book or Britannica encyclopedias that ran thirty-some volumes?  Some guy estimates Wikipedia would take 7600 volumes.  The table of contents would be 91 volumes.  He is printing out a small part of it to add visual impact to a display and electronically formatting an illustration of what it would look like in the old print format.


Letters by Harper Lee, who was recently in the news over her long-shelved prequel for To Kill a Mockingbird, failed to sell with bidding of $90,000 failing to reach the reserve price.


Laura got constructive feedback on her Avon contest entry from two editors.

Dylan finished the draft of a 26k word commission.  He got a compliment on his dialog in Sand and Blood, and a positive review of another story.


You may at some time get the opportunity to pitch your work in person to an agent or someone else who can help your chances of getting published.  Here are some questions you might not have thought to prepare answers for.

What questions should you ask an agent (or maybe research before any planned meeting)?  Here’s a large collection of links for dealing with agents.

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