The Noble Pen for Feb 26, 2015

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February 26th, 2015 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

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Does Fiction Have the Power to Sway Politics?  A couple writers give their views.


Tyree got edits back on Bombay Sapphire, and likes the suggestions.

Dylan’s story is out in Trysts of Fate.

Nick’s article is out in Frostfire Worlds.

Ciuin got a B+ on a paper and is working for City Revealed again.

Cassie has edited fifteen (15) chapters of Dreams in Red.

Aimee got her computer back in time to make her submission.


There is a lot of talk nowadays about the “writer’s platform.”  That means having some public exposure other than the book(s) you are trying to market.  The more followers you have and people who recognize your (pen) name, the more you will impress agents you query and the more people who will look you up on Amazon.

A web page, Facebook page, blog, etc. can help attract readers.  Notoriety in newspapers or TV would also contribute, but might also complicate your life.  If your writing touches on a current issue, get known among the people who follow that issue by participating in forums.  Get an interview onto YouTube. Here’s a long list of tips.

Among our group, we see the Alban Lake and Moonfire sites as web platforms they have frequently updated with posts about their writing.

How important is a writer’s platform?  That’s debated.  At the least, it can’t hurt, but probably needs to be a substantial and ongoing effort to be effective, and must interest readers.

This article talks about various things that an agent may evaluate when considering if you and your manuscript are publishable, and discusses how a platform affects that.

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