The Noble Pen for October 2, 2014

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October 2nd, 2014 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Eugenia found the group.  She has a finished novel she wants to submit for critique.


QuarterReads , to launch in October, will offer a new market for writers to sell their short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.   Subscribers can browse the beginning of each piece, and pay $0.25 to read all of it, of which the author gets $0.22, plus tips if the reader is impressed enough to be generous.


Dylan’s Sand and Blood is being read and considered for publication by a medium size press, which would improve distribution for him.  He finished his submission for Blackguards.

Tyree’s earlier novel The Dog at the Foot of the Bed will be reprinted by that same press, and they are interested in a collection of his short stories.  Bombay Sapphire is getting popular; the publisher and readers want more.

Cassie wrote 3500 words this week.

Ciuin’s first paper of the school term got a 100% grade.


Character development is very important to get readers involved in your story.  Tom Pawlik’s article lists nine aspects of character development.  How the character talks and thinks, their background, appearance, goals, and defects all shape them and affect how the reader relates to them and cares about them.  Here are more tips.  This information should be shown gradually and not as a summary that holds up the action.  The character will probably change during the narrative, which is called the character arc.

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