The Noble Pen for January 16, 2014

Next Noble Pen Meeting

January 16th, 2014 at 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


The wikipedia idea spreads to biography.   Now a writer is asking for crowdsourced edits of his bio of Steve Jobs.  He says that since technology is often the result of collaboration, he thinks it appropriate to apply collaboration to this book.  He has gotten many useful suggestions.  He will still use conventional editors and fact checkers, however.


At the meeting, we heard a recommendation for Prophets of Science Fiction, available at various times on the Science Channel or on Netflix.  The series shows how many ideas in SF became reality.  Critics say the connections they make are sometimes farfetched.  Did Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein predict medical organ transplants?


Tyree reports that Breathless Stars sold well at a convention.  He is writing a superhero novella that a pulp publisher has repeatedly asked him to do.  A slightly larger publisher has asked for a collection of stories from his mid-size publishing operation.

Jed succeeded in editing the language used by Castalia in the earlier chapters to fit her character.

Nick finished reformatting his western and is starting to edit it.

Aimee started a short story.

Ciuin is planning a research trip to New Orleans to research for her mystery story, and got the approval of her spouse to spend that time on research.  Of course, the mystery involves restaurants …


Writers Digest has posted a list of 62 articles on various writing subjects.  Everybody should be able to find something of interest in this list.

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