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J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is very angry at the law firm through which word leaked that a novel by “Robert Galbraith” was really hers.  First edition copies signed with the pseudonym have become expensive collector items.  The new novel, which had received only moderate reviews, is now likely to be a best seller.   Many people would be glad to have her problem.


Dylan made a cover for Sand and Blood, which he posted on his blog.

Ciuin’s editor for Petty Theft had her switch around some scenes and re-smooth it, and is recommending a few agents.  She has also been (involuntarily) researching crisis management.

Tyree was pleased that one of his light-hearted quotes helped someone relax and do well in a test.

Jed has been planning to go back to college and has picked his major; he plans to become an actuary.  Actually.  Or maybe in probability, since he’ll have to study a lot of statistics.


An author needs to re-read their manuscript many times.  Zachary Petit comments on what Patricia Gussin says you should pay most attention to on each read.  Note that the first step is to cut everything that isn’t important.  Here’s another six-step list for editing.   Joel Pierson has his list.  One pass could concentrate on improving dialog.

And this is all before sending out queries.  If it is accepted for publication, it will be gone over again, and maybe again.

It wasn’t always so.  This article says that in past times authors and editors did less revising.

Put down everything that comes into your head and then you’re a writer. But an author is one who can judge his own stuff’s worth, without pity, and destroy most of it. ~Colette (Casual Chance, 1964)

This book fills a much-needed gap. ~Moses Hadas [Think about that wording carefully.]

He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know. ~Abraham Lincoln

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. ~Elmore Leonard

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