The Noble Pen for May 24, 2012

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May 24th, 2012 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Countering all the publicity about what we can do with electronic communications, a new book called iDisorder  explores what our electronic devices are doing to us.

Publisher’s Weekly is another source of current news in the world of books.


Tyree finished and submitted a steampunk story that has been on his list to do for a year.

Lynda sold a story that we reviewed a while back to Grain Magazine, the Journal of Eclectic Writing, and will get paid very well at publication.

Dylan got fan mail for his serial story.

Nick finished Part I of a science fiction story.


Some authors find help in writer’s software with more power than a word processor.  Here’s a comparison chart  including PowerWriterWriteItNowWriter’s DreamKitWriter’s Cafe, and others.

These programs, costing $30 to $130 (list price), integrate the functions of outlining or storyboarding, note taking, character sheets, and writing to a much greater degree than word processors like MS Word and WordPerfect.  Some go beyond spelling and thesaurus to offer a full dictionary and even name lists from which to choose characters.  They still do not write the story for you, nor give a reader’s critique.

“A computer, I am told, … will help you write faster, easier, and more…    I have already left behind too much evidence that, writing with a pencil, I have written too fast, too easily, and too much.  I would like to be a better writer, and for that I need help from other humans, not a machine.” ~Wendell Berry

“Come to think of it, there are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters, and the Internet is nothing like Shakespeare.” ~(modified from) Blair Houghton

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