The Noble Pen for March 29, 2012

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Mar 29th, 2012 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Your editor has been busier than his usual lazy ways, so must apologize for the lateness of this newsletter.


Dylan finished his 15,000 word commission at 42,000 words.  So much for planning.  He is also becoming an expert on formatting books for electronic readers, as he works with Sam’s Dot Publishing on their offerings.

Ciuin started a new piece based on her excellent adventures in New Orleans (it’s not Iowa!), featuring a mysterious brooch she saw in a shop and some of the restaurants she enjoyed.  Will it give away the secret gumbo recipe?

Shannon redesigned his web page to promote his forthcoming book.


Google Ngram viewer offers an interesting way to look at word and phrase usage. Find out how common a term is.  See when a word was most used in or faded from American English, British English, fiction, nonfiction, or some other languages, etc.  See when a term replaced a similar one in usage.   (Thanks, Shannon)

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