The Noble Pen for Oct 27, 2011

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Oct 27th, 2011  7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


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If you don’t get a newsletter email by a reasonable time each week, look at the web site for the latest posting.  This week I’ll send a notice from multiple email addresses in hopes that at least one gets through to everybody.  That’s why some of you may get multiple notices.

ICON 36 (official site) is fast approaching.  This is a significant gathering for writers and fans of science fiction, fantasy, and associated genres.  They offer daily admission or memberships.


Shannon has a tentative acceptance for “Call of the Beast”, his story about fiendish telemarketers.  He also sent a query for Fangs to an anonymous covert agent through a web site invitation.  That sounds more like a modus operandi for espionage stories.

Dylan read his entire FOTS novel aloud and found that to be very helpful in identifying places that need editing.  And he still has a voice after all that.  He also wrote 30,000 words for his serial story.

Kris is working on refining Oblivion again, getting it ready for beta readers, after dealing with a major life upheaval.


Tyree points out a good resource for settings.  The Time-Life books  on forests, mountains, plains, jungles, etc. (available at libraries and garage sales) offer very good pictures and text that can inspire an author to add needed descriptive detail to a story.

Here is some good advice on making your settings and descriptions seem real.

And more Setting and Description tips from another source.

Some tips for deciding which scenes are important to a story.  Too many scenes that don’t move the plot along will lose the reader’s interest.

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