The Noble Pen for Sept 1, 2011

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Sept 1st, 2011  7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


A print-on-demand publisher called “Publish America” was making claims that for $49 they would present a sample of your work to Harry Potter’s author J. K. Rowling.   Rowling denies any connection to this organization and had her lawyer ask them to stop making the claim (link to a news story).  In return, they are suing Rowling (link to a blog with their letter) for some things said about them.

One might wonder if P.A. was telling the literal truth in their claims; they could present the material as promised without  expecting a response from Rowling, who they never actually said was cooperating.

You know who will win – the lawyers on both sides.


Tony heard that the publisher of  a new flash fiction publication likes his submission and will consider using it.

Kris has two readers for Oblivion.

Dylan finished a commission and has another underway.

Shannon moved his web site to the best address he could think of, .  He wrote nineteen thousand words in the last three weeks, so the excitement of the new name must have given him an adrenaline rush.

Kate wrote recipes.  She also filled in plot holes, we suppose in her novel not her recipes.  You never know, maybe there is a subplot in that minestrone.


Editors and publishers, like any category of humans, have their good and bad examples.  Predators and Editors is a web site ( that points out some of the ogres under the bridge to success in the business of writing and publishing.  They had a bulletin about the Publish America vs. Rowling dispute.

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