The Noble Pen for July 7, 2011

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July 7th, 2011 7 pm

Scott’s Family Restaurant

1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids


Writing contest:  For one of the July 21 slots, let’s each write one paragraph which could be the beginning of a story. We’ll read them to the group, and vote on which one is best, with discussion of why.


Tyree sold a werewolf story to an anthology, to come out this fall, and has already been paid.

Ciuin finished the biggest of the documents she is doing for the World Artists Initiative, with one more to go, and says she won’t sign up for that much work again.


A link to 355 opinions on what makes a good first paragraph.  Here’s a sampling of diverse comments from there:

I want an opening paragraph to grab me by the throat and thrust me into the middle of the action. Make me catch my breath, don’t bore me with details, or set up–I will look elsewhere for something to read.-AE Rought

I was going to say the opposite… The ones that catch my eye are the ones that describe the main character calmly and in a fairly normal everyday setting.  One opinion, one quality of the character’s, one memory. The action beginnings leave me exhausted.-Deniselle

A feeling that the author is going to take care of you. To lead you along. That he is saying: here is what my story is going to be about. Here is how I’m going to tell it. Relax. You’re in my hands now. We will have ups and downs, we will have surprises and disappointments, but i will lead you through it all, like a guide in a strange land.-Mark Cecil

Any work that can be judged on its first paragraph alone isn’t worth reading. – Joe B.

I want my mind to start whipping out questions, which will be answered in the author’s own sweet time.-wendy kovitz

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