The Ruggedly Handsome Noble Pen Meeting, June 24th, 2010

Noble Pen Meeting

June 24th, 2010
Happy Chef, 1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

The future is quite different to the present
The one thing we have in common with the present is we still call it the present, even though it’s the future
What you call the present we call the past, so you guys are way behind
— Flight of the Conchords, The Humans Are Dead


Nick submitted some train slides. I forgot to ask him where, but I bet the periodical either has “Train” or “Trains” in the title.

Ciuin did an agent pitch on Friday and got asked for a full. The agent is thinking about pitching a series for her.  Ciuin steps up to the plate. The agent pitches high and outside, Ciuin hits a grounder between second and third. Ciuin takes first base!

Bob is ready to put is children’s book to the group. Hopefully it won’t be over our heads.

Tyree submitted a piece to Electric Velocipede, which is far superior to those old manual velocipedes.

Tony got a brainstorm and submitted a short story to Flash Fiction Online. I’m trying to come up with a quip about brainstorms, but I’m not having a… serendipitous creative moment.

Bob’s got a new granddaughter. Hopefully it’s his.

After a long and arduous trip, George is Red Hat certified. Personally, I prefer black.


We have a slightly different scheme for distribution. After I send out this email, the authors up for critique will reply all when their piece is ready. They can choose to include the entire piece or request that people email them for a copy.

We had 11 people last week, and I thought everyone really stayed on task, which makes things easier for me. Great job!

Because the schedule is filling up for the next month, I wanted to remind everyone that you don’t have ask for slots on Thursday Night. You can just send me an email and request to be added to the list.


Romance author Candace Havens talks about sex. I’m told it’s a popular subject.

Lynne Veihl has some links to free stuff. I hear people like that too.

Apparently children’s dystopian literature is big these days. I was happy with Bunnicula.

Upcoming Schedule

June 24th
Ciuin – A rewrite of Petty Theft’s first chapter.
Dylan – FOTS Chapter Fifteen

July 1st
Nick – SSS – Chapter Six
Shannon – Solomon’s Heist, Chapter Nine and Ten

July 8th
Dylan FOTS , Chapter Sixteen
Shannon – Fangs For Nothing, Chapter One

July 15th
Bob – Lord Gordon Taylor 1
Tyree – Short Story – Against the fall of light

Keep Writing, Penites.