The Coal-Fired Noble Pen Newsletter, June 10th, 2010

Noble Pen Meeting

June 10th, 2010
Happy Chef, 1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

Rimmer: …Lister! There’s so many things that are strange and
odd. So many things we don’t have any explanation for.

Lister: Like, um, why do intelligent people buy cinema hot dogs? Do you
mean that sort of weird and mysterious thing?

Rimmer: No, Lister, I mean like the pyramids. How did they move such
massive pieces of stone without the aid of modern technology?

Lister: They had massive whips, Rimmer. Massive, massive whips.

–RED DWARF, Episode 4, Waiting for God


George started his podcast. So if anyone wants to be driven completely insane, they can go to his website and listen.

Dylan managed to write 50,000 words in four days. Unfortunately, they are all the same word. It’s a rather bad one.

Ciuin is up to chapter 20 in her massive revision. She wants to finish her re-writes and revise once more before her writers conference, next week. She really knows how to take it easy on summer vacation.

Shannon went to Wiscon and stood in the corner of parties, watching other people network.

Shannon has been asked to write a short screenplay, which he readily agreed to as he doesn’t know any better.

Special Event

The Noble Pen Welcomes Tyree Campbell, author and Managing Editor of Sam’s Dot Publishing. Based in Cedar Rapids, Sam’s Dot publishes novels, novellas, collections, and online and print magazines.

Tyree will be joining us on June 10th.


Lynne Viehl wrote an article on settings.

Garrison Keillor thinks this is the end of publishing as we know it.

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday June 10th

Tyree Campbell – Sam’s Dot Publishing

Thursday June 17th

Shannon – Chapter Seven, Solomon’s Heist, Chapter Seven

George – something non-fiction

Thursday June 24th
Ciuin – Quint Chapter Six
Dylan – FOTS Chapter Fifteen

July 1st
Nick – SSS – Chapter Six
Shannon – Solomon’s Heist, Chapter Eight

Keep Writing, Penites.