Noble Pen Meeting, March 4, 2010

Noble Pen Meeting

March 4, 2010
Happy Chef, 1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die..
— Mel Brooks

I believe that the government that governs best is a government that governs least, and by these standards we have set up a fabulous government in Iraq.
— Stephen Colbert


George is working on a new project. He doesn’t know what it is yet. He will supply us with full details as soon as he hears back from himself.

Christine is in the top 1000 contestants for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Currently, she is lamenting the exorbitant cost of  999 hitmen.

Ciuin has sent a completed Petty Theft to beta readers. I volunteered as a beta reader as I am already a beta male.

Dylan posted his commission piece to forums. Readers gushed over it. For those of you that don’t attend regularly, that’s an inside joke.  Get it? Inside? Oh, never mind.


Don’t read this. You will cry.

Rosemary Clement-Moore explains what writers can learn from the Winter Olympics.

It’s not news, but here’s Terry Pratchett telling a dirty joke.


Again we tried the new critique method. I have not seen overwhelming complaints as of yet, so I’m letting it ride. I slightly altered the instructions to make them more clear.

  1. Author is coned
  2. We go around the table and everyone gives up to three positives and up to three things that need work
  3. At this point the author is un-coned and should ask for any clarification.
  4. Group conversation including author

I did not include a formal rebuttal in the critique process, even though it is part of many critique groups. Personally, I feel this is counterproductive. However, I’m open to any thoughts on this position.

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, March 4th. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique

Nick – Something new and mysterious


Thursday, March 11th. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique


Ciuin – young adult fantasy

Thursday, March 18th. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique

Shannon – Kodiak, a short story.

Open Slot


Keep Writing, Penites.