Noble Pen Meeting, February 18, 2010

Noble Pen Meeting

February 18, 2010
Happy Chef, 1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

THERE was death afoot in the darkness.

It crept furtively along a steel girder. Hundreds of feet below yawned glass-and-brick-walled cracks‚ New York streets. Down there, late workers scurried homeward. Most of them carried umbrellas, and did not glance upward.

Even had they looked, they probably would have noticed nothing. The night was black as a cave bat. Rain threshed down monotonously. The clammy sky was like an oppressive shroud wrapped around the tops of the tall buildings.

–Keneth Robeson, The Man of Bronze


Dylan got feedback on his commission piece. The commissioner only wanted a hairstyle changed. I think he’s one of these guys.

Nick donned a poncho, lit a cigarillo, and loaded his colt revolver to go in search of his missing manuscript. He also got to speak with the publisher of The Writer magazine about it.


An Iowa man was sentenced to six months after pleading guilty to possessing ‘obscene’ comic books. Without the guilty plea, he would have faced a 15 year sentence. Neil Gaiman weighed in on this case last year.

The New York Times has an interesting article on William Faulkner’s family history and its link to his novel, Go Down, Moses.


A big thank-you to George for his work on the new member guide.

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, February 18th. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique

Shannon – Solomon’s Heist, Chapter 2. You know the drill, email or website.

Dylan – Flight of the Scions, Chapter 4.  Email or website.

Thursday, February 25th. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique

Ian – ?

Dylan – Flight of the Scions, Chapter 5?  Email or website.

Thursday, March 4th. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique

Nick – Something new and mysterious


Keep Writing, Penites.