Noble Pen Meeting October 22nd, 2009

Noble Pen Meeting

October 22nd, 2009
Happy Chef, 1906 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

I am a kleptomaniac. I will steal your lamps, mattress, clock radio, even the ice machine from the hallway vending area. I want to tell you about this before I check in so that when you see the room completely empty after I leave you will understand.
– Ted L. Nancy

The show basically revolved around this one officer. “Mad” Dick Robinson. People called him Mad because he was basically insane. I can’t remember if he was actually clinically insane, but people were always questioning his decisions. Mad often blew his top and chewed out some of the other officers, most of whom had unquestionable moral character.But we all know it’s a tough world, the stakes are high out there, and everyone who watched the show held Mad in great regard. I think everyone on the squad grew quite a bitas people, thanks to Mad’s passion.
– Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby


I emailed the two literary agents who asked for my manuscript and never got back to me. They have still not gotten back to me. I’m sensing a trend.

Ian filled his Hybrid with Wal-Mart gas and his getting 3 MPG less, although he admits it might have been because the gas was a winter mix, which is, of course, standard unleaded gasoline mixed with reindeer blood.

Wendy passed her Russian mid-term & Language in Society midterm. She is working on a 12 page paper. She finished her City Revealed articles during midterms and she finished her Usher’s Scary program. Plus it was her twentieth wedding anniversary this week. She will align the planets and bring them into universal harmony, allowing meaningful contact with all forms of life from extra terrestrials to common household pets.


Nanowrimo is only two weeks away. Mark your calendar if you have trouble finding November 1st.

Gizmodo has photos of what it believes to be the new Barnes and Noble ebook reader.

J. A. Konrath goes through six months earnings. Yes, someday, as a professional author, you may make as much as $16,000 a year.

Upcoming Critiques

Thursday, October 22nd. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique

Hard Luck by Shannon, Chapter Seven–go to and enter username:noblepen and password:nblpn or ask me for a copy. It should be up by Saturday night, Sunday at the latest.

Ciuin – Petty Theft chapter

Thursday, October 22nd. Happy Chef, 7pm Welcome and Victories, 7:30pm Critique


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